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Autism, also known as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), impacts different people in many different ways. Autism can cause difficulty with social interactions and communication in general, and can create specific or repetitive behaviors which can be problematic in certain situations, among others. This being said, it does mean that autism is in any way a negative thing. It just means that people across the spectrum see the world in a slightly different way.
Based in Brussels, Belgium, Brighter Horizons is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) focused on helping children and teenagers across the spectrum in Belgium and throughout Europe in order to make their lives easier, better and happier, just as they deserve.
Since our foundation in 2017, we have provided support, tools and a helping hand to tens of individuals with autism and their families.

At Brighter Horizons, we do this through:

  • Professional guidance for parents and caregivers
  • Community work
  • Private lessons
  • Special projects

Our focus

Over the past thirty years, the number of reported cases of autism has increased rapidly. In fact, recent research indicates that ASD affects 1 in 100 people throughout Europe. Unfortunately, some of the most affected populations are the immigrant communities both in Belgium and all European countries, which often do not have the means and resources to receive reliable information and treatment. Founded by second generation immigrants, Brighter Horizons was established with a strong affinity and connection to our founders' Arab cultural heritage and roots. In fact, the organization's daily operations, activities and community work, would not have been possible without the help and support of numerous European-Arab dedicated volunteers. Therefore, many of Brighter Horizons' efforts, initiatives and work is focused on these communities.

Our mission

At Brighter Horizons, we aim to provide all the necessary tools and support, as well as professional guidance, to young children and teenagers across the spectrum and their caregivers, in order to help them thrive.



Professional guidance for parents and caregivers

It can be very challenging, confusing and at times even overwhelming to find reliable resources and straightforward answers related to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), its causes, effects and possible solutions. Throughout our many years of experience working with individuals with autism, we have come to the conclusion that all parents and caregivers of a child with autism have one thing in common: they want the child to be happy!
At Brighter Horizons, we offer:

  • Early detection, intervention and treatment guidance
  • Free parent/caregiver support groups (in person and online)
  • Free online seminars with renowned experts
  • Access to reliable resources and medical information
  • Personal guidance for parent and caregivers

Community work

Brighter Horizons works closely with the community in order to help increase awareness, provide accurate information and promote projects and programs in local schools, community centers and more. Our ultimate goal, is to provide opportunities to children and teenagers across the spectrum to interact, learn and enjoy together with their communities in a respectful and inclusive way.
Some of our goals include:

  • Promoting awareness and acceptance
  • Creating community programs for inclusion
  • Promoting early childhood screening within immigrant communities throughout Europe

Private workshops

As part of our mission to help teenagers and young adults reach their full potential and assist them throughout all the stages in their lives, Brighter Horizons created a program focused on the challenges that individuals across the spectrum face during the transition to adulthood.
Our workshops and seminars emphasize the following topics, among others:

  • Changes
  • Employment
  • Education
  • Social skills

Special events

In addition to our guidance and support programs, and in order to help increase awareness of ASD, Brighter Horizons creates, plans and organizes special events throughout the year in different locations across Europe with the goal of raising funds for future projects, programs and direct donations to a wide range of organizations.
For more information about our special events and how to participate, please write us to laili@brighter-horizons.net



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